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InfusionMax Whipped Cream Chargers

Shop our wide range of InfusionMax whipped cream chargers. Designed to meet all your culinary needs, This particular brand of cream charger is used to produce top-notched desserts and drinks every single time. InfusionMax cream canisters are available in our standard 9g size or a whopping 580g sized Nitrous Oxide cylinder.

InfusionMax culinary-grade charged bulbs are easily the best value in the market. Packed with 100% pure food grade N20 gas and completed with a premium purple finish; There’s no need to go anywhere else for your whipped cream desires!

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Indulge In Delicious Flavoured Whipped Cream With InfusionMax Chargers


Introducing InfusionMax professional cream charger canisters, the world's first 9g charger and the best value on the market. Perfect for use in cocktail bars and restaurants for quick and easy flavoured infusion. Transform half a litre of whipping cream into 1.5 litres to maximise cost savings. InfusionMax cream chargers are the ultimate choice for adding delicious flavour to your food and drinks.


For those who require larger amounts of whipped cream, our bulk-pack collection is a perfect choice. This collection includes 100 chargers per box, making it ideal for busy cafes, restaurants, and catering businesses.


Why Buy InfusionMax Cream Whippers 


  • InfusionMax takes great care in selecting only the highest quality cream canisters for our customers. This ensures that you never receive a faulty or leaking canister with your InfusionMax order.
  • Our canisters are made from 100% recyclable steel, making them environmentally friendly and sustainable. In addition, our elite series N20 canisters undergo innovative cleaning processes to eliminate any oily residue or aftertaste.
  • InfusionMax professional cream charger canisters are designed to fit standard 8g bulb holders and dispensers, making them a universal choice for any kitchen. With their exceptional quality and versatility, InfusionMax flavoured cream chargers are the perfect addition to any culinary creation.


Need Help With Anything?

If you have any questions about our nitrous oxide cream canisters or any of our other products, please feel free to email us at Our team would be happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have, including information on our whipped cream dispensers. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for expert advice and guidance.


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