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Distributorships are Welcome!
Here at QuickWhip, we can manufacturer your own branded Cream Chargers (OEM)

As a distributor, you will be granted continuous access to stock, which is available both by the pallet and container. Wholesale pallet orders start from just 1 pallet with large discounts for advanced pre-orders. The incredible demand for our products is the reason we seek location-specific worldwide distributors who are better placed to meet local customer demand.

We also supply our very own branded QuickWhip, SupremeWhip and Mr Whip Cream Chargers. These top quality cream chargers contain the highest quality nitrous oxide and are also finished in a shinier, zinc coating – making them the perfect accessory for any kitchen. Europe-wide, we offer drop-shipping for your pallet orders direct from either our UK or European warehouse. This allows you to focus on generating sales, without the hassle of storage or distribution.

You should be active in one or more of the following business sectors; Food and Beverage, Medical or Beauty Procedures, Life Saving Equipment, Sports and Leisure.

You must be currently registered with your relevant government tax departments and able to provide the registration details for invoice purposes on request.

You must be ambitious and able to handle high order numbers. Your company must also be willing to grow and able to send us your business growth plans, facilitated by the supply of our products. We will only consider your application for a distributorship after you have sent us your due diligence processes for our prior approval, that should comprehensively detail all the checks and documentation you use when reselling.

Additionally, we require proof of this process from your past sales We also require full disclosure and details of your sales channels and all relevant marketing materials for our approval plus the guidance notes and policies you require your customers follow. Countries we work with Wholesale cream charger & dispenser distributor opportunities are available worldwide. Depending upon your current status and country of residence, we do have exclusive country distributorship rights to allocate to the right company.

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